i3-NET is a Specific Support Action funded by the European Commission through the Research Infrastructures Activity of the 6th Framework Programme (FP6).

i3-NET brings together 18 Integrated Infrastructures Initiative (I3) (I3) and 3 Coordination Actions (CA) projects. Between them these encompass hundreds of large European Research Infrastructures, ranging from telescopes to botanical collections, used by thousands of European scientists. Together they form one of the core parts of the European Research Area, with an enormous combined research capability and capacity which is of considerable importance for Europe’s future prosperity.

i3-NET objectives
I3NET members

Experts from over 27 countries with the common aim of building on recent advances in Grid technology. 20 European natural history museums and botanic gardens. Archiving (via cryopreservation) and distribution of relevant mutant strains essential for basic biomedical research. Research institutions from across Europe together to improve European astronomy. Coordinating the operations of the European fleet of instrumented aircraft.

Combining most of the largest European national laboratories in laser-based inter-disciplinary research The world largest network of synchrotron and Free Electron Laser facilities. Enhancing the quality and quantity of science performed by European astronomers. Improving the effective use of neutron and muon facilities, used to study the atomic structure of materials Improving the access of researchers in artwork studies and conservation to relevant facilities.

and much more...!

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Research infrastructures: at the heart of the European Research Area, new brochure edited by the I3-NET.
Future directions for I3 programmes, the discussion topic for the next I3 forum meeting to be held in Frankfurt next 21st of April.
The eight I3 Network meeting will be held on 1st September 2008 (03/07/08)
7th I3net meeting summary online! (14/04/07)
The 7th Meeting of the I3 Forum will be held in Brussels on 18th July (02/04/07)
New electronic Contract Preparation Forms! (21/12/06)
The minutes of the I3 and the preceding Science and Society meeting now available. (01/12/06)

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